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If you live overseas and own a vacant residential property in India, chances are you don't feel secure in renting out your property. SJ Promaan provides hassle free property management services ensuring your peace of mind and ensuring safety and upkeeping of your property.


Dust and mould gather even if you keep your home locked and windows shut. But we will we will keep your home and its belongings neat and clean by employing trustworthy house-help. Once every year, we would get the home deep cleaned and vaccuumed.

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Pest Control

Ants and cockroaches inevitably creep in and cause damage. Using herbal, eco-friendly pesticides, we will keep them and other pests away.

Available in Gold and Platinum Packages
Featuring Property on Website

With your permission, we can feature your property on the most popular websites in India. This makes finding the right tenants/ buyers much simpler.

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Calamities / Intimation

If a storm or flood is going to affect the area where you have your residence, we will send you timely warning and help in material evacuation. We will also help assess the damages if any, thereafter.

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Surveillance Cameras

With your prior knowledge/permission, we will install surveillance cameras (up to 4) in your residence. You will be able to monitor/observe the house sitting remote with a 30 day back up.

Available in Platinum Packages
Electrical Maintenance

We will make sure that there are no dangling wires and exposed sockets in your home. With an expert electrician, we will thoroughly check the electric connections and repair the damaged ones. In addition, we will inspect the electric meter periodically.

Available in Gold and Platinum Packages
Plumbing Assistance

Leaking taps and tanks can cause a lot of damage over time. We will make certain that all taps are closed properly when the home is vacant. Minor plumbing repairs will also be carried out to prevent any kind of seepage.

Available in Gold and Platinum Packages
Paying Utility Bills

As per your instructions, we will ensure timely payments of your electricity, water and municipal taxes. The bills for the same will be scanned and emailed to you.

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Rent Collection

We can collect the rent on your behalf and deposit the cheque in your bank account. If there is cash payment involved, we will follow your instructions. However, we prefer that the tenant pay you directly.

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Legal Co-ordination

With our knowledge of the law, we will help sort out legal issues for you. Should a dispute arise, our experience will prove invaluable. Right from the initial draft agreement to the final sale deed, and all the legal issues in between will be sorted out for you.

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Airport pick-up / drop

Whenever you visit India to visit your relatives and check on your property, we can dispatch a car to receive you at the airport (services available to a distance of 35 km). That way, the hassles of booking a cab and the likelihood of getting fleeced by unscrupulous operators is minimized

Available in Platinum Packages
Logistic Report

If you need any logistic support in terms of personnel who will do the number crunching for you or some transport operator who will help move your belongings, we will arrange it for you.

Available in Gold and Platinum Packages
Domestic Help Assist

Finding a housemaid is no longer as easy as it was. We will save you the trouble by finding a trustworthy, experienced maid for you. The same goes with a cook. If you would like someone to cook Indian food for you while you are here, we know just the right persons.

Available in Gold and Platinum Packages
Grocery-Provision Stack up

Before you land, if you would like to see the larder and the refrigerator full of the edibles of your preference, just drop us a mail and we will arrange it for you.

Available in Platinum Packages
AMC Reminders

As and when your Annual Maintenance Contract is up for renewal, we will send you e-reminders. We will also help you negotiate good rates with the vendors. AMC typically covers air-conditioners, refrigerators and other white goods in your home.

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Payment of Society Maintenance

We will help you make timely tax payments to your society and the municipal corporation. The cheques for this purpose will be collected from you beforehand, and a letter of authorization will be issued to us as a formality.

Available in All Packages
News / Updates on Society

If your society is undertaking a major refurbishing exercise, we will inform you. If the windows and doors to your flat are going to be barred, that could necessitate the cooperation of your tenants, which will be sought.

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Deep Cleaning

Superficial cleaning is necessary, but we recommend deep cleaning your home at least once a year. It removes the accumulated dust, mites and mould and leaves the home smelling fresh and clean. With the help of professionals, we will make your home as good as new.

Available in Platinum Packages

Conditions applied for:

  • Airport pick - up / drop - not exceeding 35 kms from airport
  • Pest control includes only regular eco freindly herbal treatment and no special ones such as termites/rats etc
  • Domestic help/driver assistance means offering the help at an extra cost for limited number of days subject to availability
  • Deep cleaning is on once in a year basis
  • Grocery-Provision stack up to be done on list to be provided by client at least 2 days before arrival and on actual bill
  • Surveillance cameras - max 4 nos with DVR having 30 days back up recorded and uploadable on net
  • All additional services that are on extra cost basis will be subject to quote being approved by the client and payment on upfront basis.